First SPN Fan-Fic attempt! Super short.

Title: Office Space
Characters: Dean; Cas
Genre: gen
Parings: Cas/Dean friendship; Pre-slash if you want to see it that way
Warnings: none
Word Count: 224
Disclaimer: Not my characters, obvs.

This was basically just written because I wanted Cas in Dean's clothes. And I wanted to write something that was happy, short, and sweet. So this is what came to mind. I hope you like it because this is my VERY FIRST time writing SPN fic. eek

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90210 _My first ever (Sort of) Incest ship.

I know some people will think I'm weird for saying this (but hopefully not considering Wincest is such a popular ship) But I love the idea of Dixon/Annie on 90210. Yeah yeah, TECHNICALLY they are brother and sister. But come on. If blood-brothers Sam and Dean can be together, why can't Annie and her adopted brother be together?
Maybe I'm just saying this because I HATE the idea of her and Liam, or maybe it's because they seem to get along SO well, but I just think it would be cute.
The only reason I would be against it? Dixon and Ivy are pretty much the best pair to come out of 90210 since Liam/Naomi. *still fumes over the fact that the writers totally screwed them over* But Dixon has kinda stopped talking to Ivy and after he saved her life all he managed to say was "i'm glad you aren't dead." doesn't sound like the makings of a relationship that is on the mend. So if we are throwing that out the window (TPTB seem to enjoy pimping out a couple as soul mates, only to completely abandon them without a second thought), then I say why not give Annie and Dixon a try.
I already have the perfect scenario in mind. Annie and Dixon are at a party, they both get a bit really drunk tipsy, and are talking about how their love lives are completely screwed up. (So far, this could totally work in Canon because their love lives ARE screwed up, and they have been known to go to parties) Anyway, Annie kind of stumbles (the way drunk ppl do) and Dixon catches her. Slow, awesome party music is playing in the background. Annie mumbles out something of an apology and just says she doesn't know when she is going to find someone that really gets her. She looks up and Dixon is like, Right there. Physically and emotionally supporting her. Then: Commence with the slow realization that there is a spark between them, the moment totally makes them look at each other in a different light, and the alcohol prevents them from caring about how it could be potentially weird. Plus their "sober selves" might not have ever dropped the preconceived notions they had about the type of relationship they shared, but now, with inhibitions turned down a little, they are more free to realize that something COULD be between.
Whether one of them snaps from this "time stood still" moment and walks away in an awkward exit is not the point. They would STILL have had a moment in time where the idea crossed both of their minds that they could be more than brother/sister friends.


Te new LiveJournal header!

WOW! I didn't think I would even notice the change, but I absolutely LOVE it! That little bird and berry twig are such a lovely picture. It really brightens up the whole look of the home page! Congratulations to the contest winner. They deserved it!

Here's to you, LJ. Good job on the header choosing. *thumbs up*

Fandom for Randoms?

I feel like, since I don't have a paid account, I'm not getting the full experience of Livejournal. I wanna REALLY be a part of it, you know? I don't want my account, or my page for that matter, to look like I am someone who just....Never does anything. Because really, I comment on so many things. I mean, yeah, I don't have a graphics journal, or a lot of fanfiction stories written, but I feel like I participate in things to the best of my ability.
I mean, should I really feel like I'm missing out on the true LJ+Fandom experience because I'm not a talented drawer for fan-art, nor am I ever inspired enough to write more than one fic every year (or some insane amount of time like that.)? Surely Fandom is not a place for only creative and talented people? What about people like me who just randomly ramble. A lot. Do we not too have a place in this overall large community?

A thought for the day.
--End of nonsense babbling--

Jurassic Park-SHIP EDITION!!

So...This is simply a complete random thought. But I always thought that Dr. Grant and Ellie should have ended up together. Now, granted, I am NOT sure what happened in the second one because I saw it once, and then completely wrote off the existence of it for the reason that it was a worthless piece of crap, but when I saw the 3rd one I was EXTREMELY disappointed. She was with some dude who WASN'T Dr. Grant! Even though her and Grant had such Incredible chemistry. They worked. They understood each other. They had the same interests.
I've never read the books, so perhaps they explain why they didn't end up together in a better way. But honestly, they were my OTP before I knew what the heck OTP were. Before I understood ships, shipping wars, and fandom. They were always a couple that I would love to model my OWN love life after. Dr. Grant and Dr. Sattler were two people who loved each other, loved their work, and seemed to feel just as strongly about each other, as they did their passion (paleontology). I can only hope that others felt the same way, and were ALSO upset to see that they were not together the 3rd movie.
But no matter. For in my head canon, Dr Grant/Sattler lives on. They are living life and loving each other. And that's all I have to say about that. :)